Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Six Month Photo Shoot

This one is for the grandmas...and well, anyone else who likes a gratuitous amount of cute baby photos!

As I mentioned a while back, my friend Jessica was sweet enough to do some six month photos for our baby girl {who was in not a great mood that day so how she managed these cute photos is still beyond me}.

After sharing her daddy's favorites - I think it is time to share mine {read: most of the rest of the disc} - with commentary, of course. <3

Mom, why the heck do I have this flower on my head? 

I guess it's kinda cute. 

Alright, that's about all I can handle with this thing.

Oh, you think you're funny now, eh? That this bow is gonna last longer? 

No snarky commentary here, because I am so in love with this photo I can't even mar it with a joke.

Look Ma! I'm standing!

We got changed and headed to the park before losing too much light...and still had a serious baby.

Have you ever seen someone having less fun on a slide? 
I mean, it's a slide baby girl! 

What's this, a knob? How, er, quaint. 

Seriously Mom, enough of this playground. 
Take me back to my books please - I am right in the middle of The Federalist Papers.

I wasn't kidding!

 Meanwhile...Daddy and Uncle Corey were doing this...

Oh, alright, I will be happy if you HOLD me!

All in all it was a great day, with some good friends <3 Thanks Jessica!

Aunty Jess herself

Evelyn Rae is almost eight months old

...and we will finally have some printed photos of our daughter in our house thanks to this photo session! Parenting Fail.

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