Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Real Talk

Real Talk - It's 12:26 and I have finally given up on Ev taking her morning nap this morning. I think almost three hours is enough a fight for one morning, don't you?

Random - Flipboard on my iPad is my new obsession in life. Do you have it? I know I am probably v. v. v. behind the curve on this one, but it is so aesthetically pleasing. And Google Reader, and Facebook, and Twitter! All in one place! Yes please.

Real Talk - Evelyn has cried like we are laying her down in a bed of coals when she has gone down in her crib for the last 24 hours. The last week she has drifted off to sleep like an angel baby. What a shot in the dark this whole motherhood thing is.

Random - I have actually done like 5 crafts inspired by Pinterest in the last week. When my baby was angelically sleeping that is.

Real Talk - My daughter is currently bouncing in her activity center and alternatively the happiest and saddest baby on the planet. I wish I could provide better visuals, but at the moment all I can muster is that you should imagine this :D and this >:( in real life, on the face of my baby. 

That's pretty accurate, actually.

Random - I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow and will be bringing Evelyn with me, because what else can I do? Is that weird? I hope the doctors don't think so while she is chilling in my lap while I am deciding which lens is better and if I can read the last line on the chart.

Real Talk - Thursday night my Monday group of ladies is going out for a girls night. And I think I really need one. 

Random - Did you know I have a B.A. in English? I bet you couldn't guess it from my grammar on this here lil' blog. I'm working on it. It used to be better when I had a bit more time to review posts than I do at the moment.

Real Talk - It is now 12:46 and Evelyn has decided that 20 minutes is more than enough computer time for this mom, and is inconsolable.

Onto lunch and laundry. I am determined to not be packing for Orlando at midnight the night before our early morning flight. Say a prayer for me. 

Evelyn is eight months old

...and if this is what the whole month is going to be like...I am in for it. 


  1. amazing post!
    your blog is great!

  2. My week has been quite similar.
    Happy baby one minute, whiny baby the next.
    It's so confusing. And frustrating...
    Thursday night can't come soon enough :)