Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What you want when...

you have plaster walls.

Ok, so this isn't so much a "mommy" thing, but it is something I have been doing lately, so here you go.

We have an almost 100 year old Bungalow. With plaster walls. Oh, plaster walls. If you have never experienced the JOY of plaster walls, let me just tell you - hanging anything on them is not the breeze that it is with drywall...unless you have a picture rail and want to go that route, but that's a whole 'nother issue.

In any case, I have wanted a family gallery space along our staircase ever since I saw the first season of Brothers & Sisters (remember when that show was good?)

I know walls like this are all over Pinterest and stuff now, but back then, I hadn't seen anything so cool.

Fast forward to now, when I actually have things to hang to make such a statement...and we have plaster. Putting a bunch of holes in the wall is not exactly what you want to do, and for me, the sound of crumbling pieces of plaster falling behind your wall when you try to put even the tiniest screw in....ugh, like nails on a chalkboard.

Enter these babies.

I was hesitant at first, I will admit. But, I love these damn things! They are a bit pricier than using regular nails or screws, but seriously? So easy. 

I will admit that I might not use them if I had drywall and owned my home - but I will certainly use them in Navy housing in the future (since I am sure we are doomed to live there sometime...). No tools required - you don't even really need a level because you can readjust and readjust until it looks right. 

I will probably be showing you guys my hall sometime here soon, so I won't go on and on - but if yoga re looking to do the same thing at your house - these are great.

Evelyn is almost eight months old

...and another plus to these is you don't have to be super careful doing this project this way around your mobile-esque baby! No hammers, nails, etc. Bonus.


  1. We use those around here even though we have regular dry wall walls. They're way cool!

    Evelyn's six month pictures are PRECIOUS! I just want to squish her and smooch her. I also think she looks like her daddy quite a bit. :)

  2. I hung my stockings at Christmas with Command strips. It even held them full! They are my new favorite thing!!