Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Puppy's Birthday

You know, I actually have a portion of morning nap time set aside for email, blogging etc. every morning on my "schedule" and never seems to happen then. Hrm.

Moving on.

Yesterday our little puppy turned 5 years old. In people years that means he is 35 and outranks all the humans in the house. Though, really he has always thought he was the leader of the pack anyway.

We made the pup a cake, a puppy friendly cake with peanut butter and carrots and such, and since our little girl loves her puppy ohsomuch, we decided after bath she could come back down to be witness to the birthday fun for the pup.

Pictures ensue.

Um, so, I am being really good and staying. 
Can I have that cake already lady?

Why'd ya move it up there? Look how CUTE I AM.

Oh, now the BABY has to be in MY BIRTHDAY PICTURES? 

You're um, not gonna let her have any cake though, right? 
She's getting pretty close. 

Come on now. This is ridiculous. I have been so good. 

Oh my gosh! This is it. Readyy...


Hey Bings, um, so, you eat my crumbs all the time, so I think I will just reach over here and... 

Not a chance kiddo.

Wait, where did he go?

Yay! Mom! Look, he finished the whole thing! 

Look! He's doing his crazy running thing! HERE HE COMES!

Yay! Puppy Birthdays are the best.


Evelyn Rae is nine months old

...and she loves that damn dog more than anyone else. He is starting to notice that she exists.

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  1. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing! My Grandchild and Grandpuppy are so funny!