Monday, May 7, 2012

Ramble Bamble

My baby is turning into a person.

I mean, she always has been a person and all, but geeze. Development has happened seemingly overnight in the past few days.

After thwarting more attempts to pull herself to a standing position in her crib by pulling the cord of her humidifier through the bars of said crib and then using it as a rope to pull herself up...

Yes, that really happened...

Ev has decided that it is now the norm to be standing - all.the.time - and pulling herself up in any available surface. Quite pleased with herself once mastering this new skill, within 24 hours she started cruising down the furniture, and is now trying to let go and remain standing.

So, there it is. The girl who will still not do a proper, knees underneath of her, belly off the ground, except in her crib or on our bed (hardwood floors too rough on her tres delicate knees maybe? What a diva.) is looking more and more like a toddler.

I love it. And I also mourn the passing of her baby days. She is almost ten months old, but we just had her nine month appointment. (Our little champ is weighing in at a svelte 17 pounds, and a long 28.5 inches.)while there, I scheduled her one year appointment.

One year. It's coming whether I like it or not.

As is her first official word, the first day of school, prom, driving, college...All seemingly around the corner if these past ten months are any indication of how time will pass.

So, I choose to like it.

Not all that hard of a choice, come to think of it.

Evelyn is nine months old

...and thanks for letting me ramble today...

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