Friday, May 11, 2012

Ten Months

My dear Evelyn,

The first photo I have included in this post is a great summary of the past month. You are officially on the go. You are moving around like crazy. You started crawling, legitimately, this month. Within days, you were not only standing and and holding onto things, as well as climbing over them, but cruising down the furniture. It seems that you can go from laying down happily to sitting, crawling and standing across the room in a flash. You are FAST little girl, which makes taking these photos way more difficult than in the past!

Your reaction to being placed back on your back.

We headed to the doctor this month (for your nine month appointment) which really was more like a ten month appointment. They confirmed what we already knew - you are a long and skinny baby. I have stopped buying clothes in advance of the season because I literally have no idea what size you will be in when. The other day you wore a 12 month shirt with some 3 month leggings. Hrm. 

In other developmental milestones you are blowing em out of the water. I didn't know that many of the things you were doing and learning from our playing even were milestones until we were chatting with the doctor, but I promise I will try to get better about knowing these things.

You love reading, and have now began heading to your bookshelf when I put you down in your room. You will pull off one or two books and sit there contentedly flipping through them which is HILARIOUS to me. Granted, sometimes you need to pull off of the shelf too, but more often than not you choose them over your other toys.

You have started getting into some serious mischief lately too. You are a daring baby and need to explore everything. When sitting on the couch with Daddy and I, you love to try and climb up all of the pillows to your puppy' perch to pull on his tail and wave your hands in his face. You still love that dog more than anyone, I think. He is continually warming up to you. You are crawling for all the dangerous things in the house to play with lately, which is pretty typical of crawling babies - oh! You think this house is safe? Hahahaha. Let me show you.

We have started telling you "No." about things with the big eyes and serious faces. You turn and look at us and usually laugh and grin. A grin so freaking full of mischief that I can't even stand it. I don't have a problem telling you no, or helping you to learn that certain things are off limits, because I know that you will be better for it in the future, so that's not hard. But to not smile right back at that impish grin? That, my love, is difficult.

There have been a few times already though where you tern and look at us, smile, and then essentially give me what (I imagine) is the equivalent of a baby language shoulder shrug. You just crawl towards something else that you find interesting.

 I love how contemplative and calm you are when placed in new situations. On Mondays we have play group with 4 kids who are all quite a bit older than you. Your friends Caroline, Charlotte, Eliza and Adam are all walking and talking and running all over the place. I usually plop you down and you pick up a toy or two and then just watch all the activity with big eyes and amazement. True to younger kid form, you have started trailing after their antics by crawling towards the activity wherever it goes, and it makes me chuckle.

 You are very tactile lately as well and have to touch everything. We have been reading some touch and feel books at bedtime and you seem a little disappointed when we read normal books with flat pages. You are constantly looking for the "flap" to show something hidden underneath, the button or flap that makes a noise or the patch of texture to touch.

You still soothe yourself to sleep by playing with your own hair, which is getting quite long, and is as pale as ever. You actually do this sort of "fluffing" thing with your hair which reminds me of your OSL Auntie Shelby and makes me giggle a bit.

You have four teeth in total now with two more (that I can see) about to cut through any day (hopefully). You really do not like the teething process, and I can tell when you don't feel well because you become such a snuggler. Daddy and I love it because you reach your arms up for us and when we pick you up you just hug us so hard around the neck and want to stay there.

You give us open mouth kisses when we say "kiss" (you lean toward our faces with your mouth wide open and plant your mouth on us) and are just such an affectionate little baby when you want to be. You have started doing fishy face lips too which are adorable and hilarious.

You are still eating like a much bigger kiddo than you are, but I cannot cure you of sharing with the puppy. When we go out to eat you have a habit of looking over the edge of your highchair and then glancing up at us with a raised eyebrow as if to say, "Why is there no puppy here to eat this for me when I throw it on the floor?"

You are still nursing, though my supply is beginning to decline because you are so all over the place with feedings. Keeping you still to get in a good long nursing station is nearly impossible these days. I am a little concerned that you will wean yourself early, but I think we will truck through the one year mark without too much fuss. I will be sad when the day of the last feeding comes, but I am letting you lead the way.

The expressions that cross your face and the babbling that comes out of your mouth, at staggeringly loud volume these days, make it easy for us to understand one another most of the time. Your daddy and I still argue about the "words" coming out of your mouth, but they sure make us laugh, especially as you imitate the tone of the people around you.

We love you so much little girl, and I'm not even going to pretend that every single stage and month isn't more exciting than the last. I can hardly believe that we are in the double digit months, but I can't wait for the rest of this summer. Loving on you, playing outside and helping you learn all you need and want to learn is going to be so much fun.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is ten months old

...and I really take too many pictures and can't ever choose just a few. Brevity is not a strong suit of mine.

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