Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What you need when...

It gets nice outside, and your baby loves playing out there, but you need something to keep them both contained AND happy so that they don't eat all the weeds grass in your yard...

A swing.

Yup, that swing.

I had only ever seen this in blue, and then I started looking around. You can now buy it in shades of pink, almost anywhere, and Walmart has it in purple.

BUT, the ONLY place you can get it in this happy shade of green is at Target.

You all know how I love me some Target.
And green.
So cute.

(P.S. It is cheaper in the store than online so get thee to an actual store.)

So, we went with that one, and Ev's Daddy risked life and limb climbing a ridiculously high tree in our yard to hang this baby.

I really, really wanted to take pictures, but *someone* didn't think the whole situation was as funny as his wife and daughter may have...

We have been out to visit the swing almost every day since putting it up and baby girl LOVES it.

Evelyn Rae is ten months old

...and next on the playing outside list is a bike for Momma with a seat for my little bug. So excited about that!

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