Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sun Day

Did everyone feel like this weekend recharged them in a way that you forgot was even possible? Because that's how it made me feel! (brag, brag, brag...)

Our Monday turned into a beautiful Sun Day (haha, get it? GET IT? Like SUNDAY? But, Sun Day? I am so v. v. clever.) with an impromptu picnic dinner on the beach with our friends the Mazzios.

We were lucky enough to find a deserted bit of beach on Memorial day, of all things, so we took the opportunity to snap some photos.

Come on Mommy!

Evelyn Rae is ten months old

...and I made the dress and matching flower she is wearing. Because why make a pillowcase dress out of a pillowcase when you can make it out of seersucker?


  1. What great pictures! Such a lovely SUN day! Re-charged is a great way to put it.

  2. I can't wait! It wont be long till I get to enjoy the VA/NC sun. My little one is getting so old looking. I hope she will know me.
    love Gma Barb