Monday, August 6, 2012

13 weeks

THE WORST it has been. Seriously. I still haven't thrown up, thank goodness, but now it is in the morning and at night. WHAT the heck. I need this to be done. Now. I just joked with the ladies at our 12 week screen today (done a little late because of a cancelled business trip the hubs originally had scheduled). 

Getting better, maybe? I hope so. Le sigh. At least I don't have fat face yet. 

Wore my first belly band this week. Just because the button style couldn't handle the hairband trick though, and things still button, they are just uncomfortable by the end of the day. 

I am also gaining weight differently. Like, I have only gained 6.8 pounds overall, but it is sort of all around my body instead of just up front, if that makes sense. Puffiness on my hips - not used to that. Lame.

Ugh. Food. Coconut water, and strangely enough, SlimFast shakes have been my friends. NO, I am NOT TRYING TO DIET. Let's get that straight, that is crazy talk. But, something about those shakes helps to coat my stomach and settle the nausea. Anything that works is a-ok in my book. 

Eh. Weird stuff. Random little things that feel like movement, but aren't - probably organs moving and stuff. No movement yet, and apparently not for a while as I just found out at this ultrasound that my placenta is square in the front of my uterus. Lame-o.  

Oy. Vivid dreams are BACK. Weird stuff. Weird, weird stuff.

None this week. 

The Girls

New this time around
The lightheadedness is for real. This week while walking around Target with Ev in the cart, I had to steer into a makeup aisle and sit down on the edge of the bottom display shelf for a minute. 

Why the makeup aisle? Because it is heavily populated with women and I actually thought, "Surely, someone here would be smart enough to pick up my baby out of the cart and try to rouse me should I actually pass out." I didn't so that's good. The doc says to keep her informed, but if I am drinking tons of water, check, and eating a good amount of food, check, then I should be fine here in a bit.

Oh yeah, this again.
The hair growth, like everywhere. I have shaved my legs like daily. This is ridiculous, come on fall.

Mental State
Doing well, especially after everything looked a-ok at our screening appointment today. A and I are trying to figure out a whole bunch of stuff, like the fact that we may in fact find out the sex of this baby in advance - eek! - and if we do, and it's a girl - what's her name? and if it's a boy - what about the whole circumcision thing? I won't say who is on which side of the debate, but it is going to need to be a discussion.

Also, we took the announcement photo yesterday! Eeek! We are going to tell people this week!

Apparently I had no 13 week post last time? Lame.

Evelyn Rae is one year old, and I am 13 weeks along with Ferris 

... and I am sort of nervous to tell "the world" and I don't know why!


  1. LOVE the dress and the "baby on the hip" pics...nice touch

  2. I am a big fan of the surprise and a big fan of no circumcision. Over two hundred baby boys in america die from the procedure each year. So sad!