Sunday, August 26, 2012

16 weeks

***The photos from this week have been lost somewhere in the digital airwave space. Let's not talk about it, it's better that way.***

Bah. Still hanging around a bit, mostly just queasiness, but thankfully I am feeling much better in general.

Sort of clearing up? I need some sun though, pale does not look good on this girl. Well, this pale anyways.

Feeling pretty good actually, I definitely have a bump there, but that's not so different from what happened when I was pregnant with Ev. I will never be one of those "I didn't know I was pregnant girls" I guess. 

Meh, food tastes good again, that is all. 

Stretching, pain, boo. I am wondering if my lower back is hurting worse than last time because of you know, that whole chasing, hauling around a toddler thing, or if it would have been like this the first time around too if I wasn't just sitting all day. Who knows. Husband seems to think my complaints are about the same as last go round, so who knows. Mayhap I have just put a rosy glow over the whole pregnancy experience.

Sleeping is rough, yo. Weird dreams. Weird, weird dreams. Like, last time I had "Mommy Visions" when I slept, bad and good, but they were all with some ambiguous little baby that I couldn't really picture or know yet. So the "bad" dreams (dropping your baby, etc.) weren't really that scary. Scary, but not like now, because now, of course, I picture Evelyn. Cue waking up in a panic to gran the monitor and make sure that, yes, indeed she is still sleeping like a rock.

Starting to creep. I have Tums on my bedside table.

The Girls
Sensitive. Not much bigger, but experiencing the same darkening as before. At least I know (hope) they will go back to normal post baby.

New this time around
I am seriously so tired, even though we are in the second trimester. So weird. I am tempted to nap every day when Ev takes her afternoon nap, but that would mean never getting anything done, soooo, yeah. I am feeling energetic in the mornings though and pretty much every other time until 1pm or so.

Oh yeah, this again.
Pain, stretching pain. Boo. I thought my uterus would be all, oh yeah, this again, NBD. but apparently not.

Mental State
Thankful that the sickness has gone, and excited to go have fun at recruitment this coming weekend! Hopefully I can keep my energy up!

16 weeks, last go round

Evelyn Rae is 13 months old, I am 16 weeks along with her little brother or sister

...and ::yawn:: is it time for my nap yet?

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