Friday, August 31, 2012

Have you been watching?

Ok, I am just going to stop promising y'all posts, because whenever I do, inevitably stuff comes up and I look like one lame lady.

Anyway, we are headed out of town for this long weekend, so I can get my crazy sorority woman skills  revving at sorority formal recruitment. If that sentence made no sense to you, don't sweat it.

In the meantime, summer TV kinda sucks, but is kind of awesome at the same time. Have you been watching these gems?

The Week the Women Went

The premise is that all the women above the age 18 leave the town to go somewhere unknown (a killer fun resort) and the men and children have to take care of the town. For a week. A WEEK people. You would think some of these guys were being marched to the executioner from the way they are reacting. Anyway, it's supposed to be no phone calls, etc. back and forth, but of course people are breaking the rules all over the place.

As A and I were watching the second episode, we were introduced to a couple who had spent every day together since they were 12. LIKE EVERY DAY. Maybe some people think that is sweet, we thought it was crazy. We've been together since we were 16, but we have definitely done our own things in our relationship. So, this couple didn't even make it 48 hours before the husband sent a friend to go pick up the wife and bring her back home. They were all crying and everything. I mean, geese louise.

Don't even get me started on how some of these couples would react to deployment. Ha! Of course, not everyone is willing to sign up for the military lifestyle, and I totally get it. Shizz gets hard when you are single parenting or just single all of a sudden for weeks, months and sometimes years on end.

Now THAT would be a good show. But then again, maybe not, because most of us just suck it up and make it work a la Tim Gunn.

Watch on Lifetime if interested.

I'm Having Their Baby

UM, Tears galore on this show. This show follows two pregnant moms in each episode who are going through the adoption process and putting their babies up for adoption.

Some of the moms end up changing their minds in the end, which is all very much part of the process in real life, but I think this show does a pretty good job of showing a lot of different women and families in a bunch of different situations trying to make the right choice for their children.

Probably not good for a pregnant woman with a little baby at home to be watching as I cry buckets every.single.time. I catch this one, but mostly I am just so happy for the adoptive parents who are completely thrilled to finally fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

A Baby Story

Yes, you're right, this is not a new show. It has been on TLC for as long as I can remember, that's for sure. I used to watch this show obsessively in college as I was so very very curious about all things childbirth related (And I could pay attention at the beginning, and then mute it in the middle to do some homework and come back for the baby's birth).

Back then, all the births were relatively the same. Then this show and I had a break up when I was actually pregnant and learning about childbirth because they TOTALLY only showed women who were routinely getting induced, epidurals, and c-sections. If they ever happened to show a natural childbirth, not only the parents, but the medical staff were portrayed as crazy, or better yet the medical staff was super unsupportive and talked to the crew like the parents were crazy. Nope, no thanks.

BUT, I have recently returned to watching it during nap time - again, a good background show - and let me tell you, in the last two weeks there have been 4 natural childbirths portrayed. FOUR. And NONE of them have been crazy. They have had home births, birth center births and hospital births with midwives and doulas in attendance.

One of those was a woman who ended up with a face presentation of her baby (her 4th delivery, btw) which means that the baby's face came out first instead of the crown of the head. Not only did she and her midwife remain calm, cool and collected, but they successfully delivered that baby. Naturally. Boom.

I will admit that I was hella impressed because the photo of just such an occasion in Ina May's book when I was pregnant with Ev was legitimately the most frightening thing I had seen in my pregnancy. I had no idea such things could happen. It is still really rare, but I mean, it was on a BABY STORY. Coolness abounds. I love that this show is now showing a wide variety of birth stories in a nonjudgmental and supportive tone.

So, that's what I am watching, and a little Disney Junior, for the bug.

Check em out, or let me know if there's something else to tide me over until Modern Family returns.

Evelyn Rae is thirteen months old and I am 16 weeks (almost 17!) along with Baby Ferris

...and its a good thing I finally woke up refreshed again today to run this marathon that is sorority recruitment this weekend. With no caffeine. Oy.

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  1. I have been watching "I'm Having Their Baby" and BAWLING every time. Post-partum hormones + that show=Leslie a hot mess.