Monday, September 3, 2012

17 weeks

None. YAY. Shhh. Be quiet about it though. It might hear you and come back.

Better, still not very glow-y. COME ON FRESHLY FALLEN DEW LOOK. You are the only thing that will get me through winter.

Feeling good, actually. I was feeling pretty little until I went to recruitment for a chapter I supervise this last weekend and heard all the girls comments. LOL, I guess it is super obvious that I am knocked up to everyone now! Yay for not just looking chubby.

EH, you know, here and there. Really this whole "one caffeinated beverage" thing a day is REALLY hitting me much harder this time around. That one o'clock nap time is still looking good to me on most days, which equals getting nothing done. WHOMPS.


Oooooh streching. Boo, go away. Come on uterus and muscles and stuff, shouldn't you remember this from last time? Actually I guess it's a good thing because it means stuff snapped back to where it was and all, but boo. Sciatic pain also, LAMESAUCE.

Pretty good so far, had had some reminiscent RLS tingly things when I lay down at night. Husband still thinks I am insane, but has given me some really nice massages lately.

Doing ok actually, shhh. Just like the nausea, don't tell anyone!

The Girls
Hanging out. Not literally. But, you know.

New this time around
We just had the worst, worst, worst Friday ever trying to get to Richmond...and I handled it pretty well in the moment. My first time being stranded pregnant and with a kiddo on the side of the road...story to come...and we did - well, ok.

Oh yeah, this again.
EMOTIONS. I am crying at the drop of a hat these days. Songs, tv, that new GOOGLE COMMERCIAL WITH THE DAD AND DAUGHTER?! STOP IT.

Mental State
Good, I am feeling the itch to start a to-do list. Which means that my energy surge must also be creeping up and that SOON NESTING WILL BE UPON US! HUZZAH!

17 weeks, last go round

Evelyn Rae is 13 months old, I'm 17 weeks along with Baby Ferris

...and I bought that dress from Francesca's last go round as one that they advertised could be worn while pregnant...this pregnancy - it fits!

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