Monday, September 24, 2012


In the last 24 hours alone my daughter has managed to do some serious damage in the split second that someone did not have both eyes focused directly on her.

We are talking:

  • Throwing a can of soda onto the floor, which then EXPLODED all the way up to the ceilings in our kitchen, all over everything, including me, her, her Dad and the seconds away from being finished dinner I was preparing. Yum, Coke flavored Chicken Tacos anyone?
  • Attempting to eat a dishwasher soap tablet, and managing to get a tiny corner punctured and a tiny droplet of soap in her mouth that made her immediately throw up two times. On me. (She is fine, I promise)
  • Dropping my compact of blush onto the ground so that it shattered into a bajillion pieces, grabbing some and putting that in her mouth, gagging on that and then we had pink spit up (ick, ick, ick)
  • Getting both legs stuck through the slats of the new gate at the top of the stairs, where she then whimpered pitifully until we could get her out of there
  • Turning over the dogs water bowl, its one of those things with a GALLON of water that sits on the top of it to slowly release, I mean come ON. I can barely lift it, how can she?!
  • Breaking the top off of the Tums on my bedside table and shaking them out all over my room, some of them rolling to the depths of under the bed-ness from whence they will never be seen again.

I blame it on her new tooth. Please God just let it be this new tooth.

BTW, here's her latest photo...

Evelyn Rae is 14 months old, I am 20 weeks along with Baby Ferris (ack!)

...and Blogapalooza is still coming, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, etc.

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  1. I have a blog post very similar to this when my little girl was around 19-20 months and I was newly pregnant with baby boy. Although, your situation sounds worse... sorry to say. :/ Also, I'm pretty sure pregnancy makes things like this a LOT worse. Hang in there! :)