Tuesday, September 25, 2012

20 weeks

None! Huzzah!

Ok, I got hella sunburned this weekend at a football game. Bad news bears. Mostly on me, since I have been a pale kid all my life, etc. etc.

Feeling preeeeety big actually. Like, I don't feel it, but then I look at pictures and go WOW that girl is KNOCKED UP. Holy crap y'all.

Als, people have officially started asking if I am pregnant, when I am due, etc. Strangers, I mean. So, I guess it is officially obvious.

Meh. Food. It's good and stuff.


Not so much streching pain this week, so that's cool. 

Ugh, here it comes. The bad news bears time of sleeping. I woke up no less than 40 times last night. (I may be exaggerating) Seriously though, I woke up a lot. So, that's fun.

Oh Tums, we are friends. BUT, in other breaking news, I found some Zantac that is still good left over from last pregnancy! Hurray! Also, I can officially only sleep on my left side to keep the acid from creeping up. WHY DOES THAT WORK. 

Aside: I hate sleeping on my left side. Boo.

The Girls
::whisper:: I haven't nursed Ev in two days. My boobs look bigger and stuff. We don't know if this will take/keep. I am sort of torn about it and trying to cuddle my girl tons so she knows I am still here and love her and stuff. Ack! Mommy guilt.

New this time around
Um, workin on my fitness. Seriously have been so much more active this pregnancy. I mapped our morning walk and we walk about two miles almost every morning. WHO KNEW?! It makes my hips hurt a bit, but I am feeling good.

Oh yeah, this again.
Um, I totally forgot about the zipper lock trick. You know, how you can pull a zipper up half way and then put the little pulley part down and the zipper stays locked? Yuppers, totally forgot about how useful that is during pregnancy. 

Mental State
Made a HUGE to-do list room by room in our house. Husband rolled his eyes. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT HUSBAND.

Don't worry, it's on my iPad so it's all portable and stuff, complete with little electronic boxes to check as things get completed. YAY TECHNOLOGY.

20 weeks, last go round

Is it my turn yet MOM?! 

Evelyn Rae is 14 months old, I'm 20 weeks along with Baby Ferris

...and this is what my life looks like these days!

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