Thursday, September 20, 2012


That's right folks, I am back. Sort of.

This isn't a real post, which is sort of lame. BUT, we have internet back at the house and so I can finally start uploading the pictures to go with all my updates that I have been saving in drafts for a while. Thank goodness.

We have had a crazy week or all of this would have happened yesterday.

Walking babies. Y'all. This shizz is serious.

She is not just walking, she is crawling and climbing and scrambling up and down every possible surface. Put a gate up? Girl wants to scale it. Stairs are like her bff and now that we have separated her from her bff, she is no a happy camper. The ottoman no longer contains her in a small portion of the living room because she has this new move where she wedges between the ottoman and couch and scales them to climb over.

Ingenious? Yes. Disastrous for Momma? Uh huh.

So, I have tons of posting, and I am going to be putting them where they actually belong in this here timeline, so I will also tag them with a "Blogapalooza" label and change that handy button over there ->  to say that instead of "Secret Posts"...that way you can pull the new stuff out.

Sound like a plan? Keep an eye out over the next few days! <3 p="p">

Evelyn Rae is fourteen months old, I am 19 weeks and some change along with Baby Ferris

...and holy crap y'all. We are almost halfway. SOMUCHTODO.

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