Thursday, September 27, 2012

Team Green?

When we were pregnant with Evelyn we were unabashedly Team Green. We didn't know if the baby growing all up inside of me was going to reveal itself as a boy or girl until she (excite!) was delivered.

We had talked about not finding out for so long that it was barely even a struggle for us. Plus it was mostly fun (with a dash of annoying) when strangers would try to guess what we were having based on all the old wives tales, etc.

We barely ever questioned the decision, even when friends were all disappointed about the monogramming situation. NO MONOGRAMS UNTIL BABY GETS HERE?! WHAT A DEPRIVED CHILD! (I sort of agreed on that one, as I LOVE a monogram.)

Sidenote: It is really funny to me that so many people I know are NOT finding out now. TRENDSETTERS!

But, we prevailed and waited. And then she was here.

That was such an amazing moment. Also, I just love this picture because A looks so relieved and shell shocked all at the same time. Love him.

When we got knocked up this time around, I admittedly freaked out for a little while about how close together these kids would be (read: the entire first trimester, thanks hormones!).

Part of that freaking out was me declaring to my husband, "WE HAVE TO FIND OUT THIS TIME!!!" And he agreed, whole heartedly.

I was all, "I HAVE TO PLAN!" and he was all, "Yeah. This is cray. Plus, it will be exciting and different."

But then, then the blissful second trimester rolled around and my mind started to calm down. And I started to wonder, do we really want to find out? What are we going to do for the (hypothetical) rest of our kids? Are we going to lose that moment of bliss and excitement? Or will it just be at a different time and the happiness will be more spread out?


We do have a lot to discuss either way, issues like names and circumcision and all of that. Surprise, surprise, husband does not feel it is necessary to really buckle down and have those conversations unless it is necessary, so finding out the sex in advance would be helpful there.

We still haven't made the choice.

And our "big" ultrasound is TODAY.

Today folks. TODAY.

So here's the plan.

We are going to not look. And have the ultrasound tech write it down in an envelope.

And then, then we will see.

Maybe we will find out tonight. Maybe we will open the envelope and keep it a secret from everyone else for a while. Or maybe, maybe we will put the envelope away and just wait it on out.

Evelyn Rae is fourteen months old, I am 20 weeks along with Baby Ferris

...and Hubs is still all about finding out, and I am still torn. Ideally, I would really like to go out to a nice quiet dinner and be all romantically just the two of us and open the envelope...but we neglected to secure a sitter for the occasion.

So, we shall see.


  1. Have a baby gender party!! Take the envelope to your cupcake friend and have her make a cake that is pink or blue and then have a party where you cut into it! Super fun!

  2. YEEE!! I cannot decide eitherrrr :) I cant believe it is already here!!! ::sigh:: I miss the craziness of the Gage household. <3

  3. NO!!!! don't do it!!! Wait! I found out with Zelda after not finding out with Henry and it was NO BUENO. Not nearly as fun. No party, no nothing will beat that moment. I promise you!