Monday, September 17, 2012

19 weeks

None, Hurray!

Pale, but clear! Yay!

Got my maternity clothes back from my dear friend Whitney, but I really haven't been rocking them too much. I am feeling pretty good on the weight gain front actually. KNOCK ON WOOD.

Um, cravings. This is new. Pickles. (How typical, right?) Cheese and crackers. Really anything with Sharp, sharp, extra sharp cheddar. YUM. And seriously? The other day I wasn't even hungry, we were driving home for lunch, and all I could THINK about was fried chicken. Like to the point where I was salivating. I could not stop thinking about it! SO.WEIRD. Did I end up getting that chicken? Nope. And it still makes me kind of sad. Whomps.

Still in pain. Uterus growing and stretching, ETC. ETC. Painful. Twinges and such. Meh.

Much better, but MAN do I need a Snoogle. Heading to buy one this weekend.

Serious. Business. Argh. Really just when I lay down, so again, more acid reflux. Just like last time. Lameo.

The Girls
Feeling alright, still sensitive, trying to wean baby girl (big post about this coming soon), etc. Oh Boobies. Wearing sports bras, etc at night to help support everything.

Fetal Movement
Feeling baby kick almost every evening now. LOVE IT.

New this time around
Cravings! See above.

Oh yeah, this again.
Acid Reflux. WHOMPS. P.S. Apparently this can happen later thanks to all this reflux. LAME.

Mental State
Feeling, whelp, great actually. We have had an awesome week, minus the internet situation, but then again maybe this has helped spurn our awesome week, Morning walks every morning, playground every day - girl loves some swings - and evening walks with Daddy. Plus, activities! Getting out, enjoying the weather, taking walks up and down the block holding a little girl's hand. Life is good.

19 weeks, last go round

Evelyn Rae is fourteen months old, I'm 19 weeks along with Baby Ferris

...and why don't more maternity dresses have box pleats?! This isn't maternity (Thanks again Francesca's!!), but still...the pleats? I love.

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