Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy August?

Can anyone else believe that today is August first? I can't. SUMMER! Where are you going?! Wah.

Also, it is only 8:30 and so far my day has gone like this:

Warning: There may be whining ahead. Please laugh. In retrospect, I know I will.

Baby wakes unusually early at 4:55 am. Of course, because I stayed up to watch the women get the gold medal in gymnastics last night, logic would only follow that she would be an extra early bird today. Trying to get her to go back down is NOT working, and I am delirious, so I bring her back with me.

I stave off actually getting out of bed by trying to cuddle with baby, much to husband's discontent as baby stretches out to lay on top of his face. He wisely decides to get up and head to work, kissing us both goodbye.

Manage to keep baby in bed with an episode of Chloe's Closet (british cartoon kids are so cute!) and a few of her favorite crackers. I know, I know, bad mommy giving her food in bed. Whatevs y'all. I was am TIRED.

Try to keep dog away from scarfing down crackers from baby's supply.

Finally give up and realize that no more sleep or relaxing is coming my way when baby continually tries to dive off side of bed, and when placed on the floor continually tries to climb back up and get frustrated.  ("I've already seen this episode of Chloe, Momma"...she seemed to say.)

Start breakfast procedure.

Settle baby down with some of her favorite things from the last few days, strawberries. (Yay for no allergies) They are the last three and look really good, and I also really like strawberries, but being the martyr, ahem, good mother that I am, I slice them up for a nutritious start to breakfast for my baby.

She immediately dumps them onto the floor, where the dog scarfs them.

I sigh and decide I will in fact need real coffee today and pull out the big guns while baby cries because she has no food while her eggs are cooling. I would give her some of her favorite crackers, but she ate them all this morning. Perfect. Corn Chex will do in a pinch.

Cue eggs and happy baby.

Suddenly baby is unhappy with eggs, for no apparent reason.

I dig out her new fork, and Oh! Look! New shiny fun thing! Baby is happy again, and settles down to spear eggs with new shiny fun thing.

Patting myself on the back, I give her some veggies and decide it is safe to run to the bathroom quickly.

As I come back, literally 30 seconds later, I almost fall to my death because the floor has suddenly become the slip and slide my husband has asked for all summer.

After my initial shock and momentary freak out that the washing machine is acting up, I investigate and realize that Evelyn has lobbed a brussel sprout into the air, only to fall into the dog's water bowl. The dog then immediately flips his bowl over in search of said sprout.

So, clearly, we are off to a great start today! I planned on FINALLY getting my photos uploaded for Ev's 12 month update today...I know, I know. Late again. But, this is my day, so maybe tomorrow.

I think it's time to hit the reset button, throw some clothes on this baby and head to Target for some Starbucks, perusing, and most importantly, more crackers.

Evelyn Rae is twelve months old

...and tomorrow is my birthday. Cross your fingers that my day will be slightly better and/or I wake up with an unwaveringly great attitude. That's the traditional gift for a 28 year old, right?


  1. Happy early birthday! 28 ain't all that bad. As far as I can tell. YMMV.

    1. Hahaha, now that some more of the realities of what 28 will bring me are out, I can whole heartedly agree. So far, it seems lovely. <3