Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Official!

We have a new header, which you can see above. Or below, if you are on Google Reader or something...

And, more importantly, Baby Gage No. 2 is on their way.


Did you guess this was the reason for the new header? I'll bet some of you suspected. You smarty pants. I didn't have to find a new "me" after all, as it turns out that the pregnant lady is still very symbolic of, well, me! (I'll still be messing with some of the dimensions for a bit, but  couldn't wait anymore!)

This is another of the "distractions" that has been keeping me from blogging as regularly lately, or really doing anything as regularly lately, really.

One, it was super, super hard not to slip up and mention, you know, BEING PREGNANT, in recent posts. Especially since this was a surprise to everyone involved!

Two, some posts got put on hold (like Ev's 12 month letter) because I couldn't leave out that we told her she was going to be a big sister!

Three, let me tell you - as much as I was exhausted while pregnant the first time around? Running after a one year old while doing it is insane. I have been so, so tired and am really ready for that second trimester peak of energy to surge in and make things great again.

Speaking of, as of Sunday I was officially 13 weeks along and due February 10th. Squee!

I have been doing "secret" blogs having to do with this pregnancy and baby all along, so I will be publishing those tomorrow, when they really happened, along with a special label link so that you can read 'em all without digging back through old posts and such.

The "official" announcement is going up on Facebook today, along with this photo...

Evelyn Rae is one year old and I am 13 weeks, 5 day along with No. 2 (or whatever nickname we finally settle on)

...and HOLY EXCITEMENT! I am having a baby!


  1. What a fabulous surprise!! CONGRATULATIONS Gage family! I'm so excited to hear about your new mommy adventures!

  2. Love the photo!! and I am so excited for you! Katherine