Friday, November 5, 2010

Another week

Another week has passed. Today I am six weeks pregnant. I have not had any issues since Tuesday, so I am hoping and praying that everything is ok.

We will know for sure in two weeks when I go in for my appointment.

As a show of good faith, I snapped a shot of me at 6 weeks this morning. I don't look that different yet I guess to others, but I certainly feel it. My jeans are tight. Like seriously. It is almost like permanent PMS bloat, and then like 10% more of that. I am drinking more water than I ever have in my whole life if feels like, and yet, here I am, all bloaty. But happy :)

Excuse the PJs, and poor photo taking...
I have never really been one for myspace style photos (read: in the mirror), 
so it may take some practice.

6 weeks

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  1. I like your four (or more?) panel doors! Mine our two panel which are find but I prefer yours. I was lucky enough to not experience any bloating. In fact I still wear my regular jeans and I'm over half way, I just need one of those BeBands from Target so I can leave them undone. What did pregnant ladies do before Target?!