Friday, November 19, 2010

First Appointment, First Look

We had a great appointment yesterday. Seriously, I don't even know if I can put this into words. I have been really concerned about the possibility of a miscarriage since I found out I was pregnant, and because of that I think I have been really distancing myself from feeling excited.

But, yesterday was exciting, and amazing.

There is really no other way to describe it.

I wasn't sure what we would see, of if I would be like Rachel on Friends and not be able to see the baby on the ultrasound, or even if everything would be ok.

Husband and I waited around nervously and anxiously. The nurses took me back for lab work, and started asking me questions. The asked, "How do you feel?" and I cracked "Fat - haha. " Not even a smile! I mean, seriously people? When I am nervous I make bad jokes. They were very nice later though, and laughed with me when they realized I was joking.

Then we called husband back and went into the room. And there it was, the ultrasound machine...screen all on and ready to go. Austin got to stand there clothed, while I stripped down and put the little wrap around shirt on and jumped up on the table with a sheet to cover up my nether regions.

(Also, side note here...I am a tall person, but not super tall. That shirt barely graces the surface on the table behind me when I am sitting there. I inevitably feel like I am mooning whoever walks in. Medical profession? Can we do something about that?)

As we sat there, husband paced around the room, investigating all the buttons and machines without actually touching anything and making inappropriate and immature jokes...which he does when nervous. He was trying to keep me laughing so I could relax, and suddenly it worked.

Right before the doctor came in, I looked over at him and said, "Do you ever feel like you are just pretending to be this grown up?" and he replied, "Yup, and I am certainly having that moment right now."

Then the doc came in with the nurse and introductions were made all around. The doc explained what was going on, what would happen, made a few jokes about how long it took us to get pregnant (since I was just there a month ago for my annual exam and had talked to him about the possibility...little did I know I was working on getting pregnant at that very moment.)

And then, then came the ultrasound machine, and all of a sudden, up there on the monitor in front of me - there was a baby! It looked like a baby. We could see a head, arms and legs, and a heart beating!

I was so relieved, and so happy, and so floored at how everything had worked out like it was supposed to thus far. I kept laughing because I was so happy, and the husband just kept saying "Oh, wow". That little figure up on the screen was moving and flipping around like crazy.

Then the doctor turned on the sound for us to hear the heartbeat.

Amazing. Insert every clichéd thing you have ever heard about the miracle of life here, except when it happens to you, it won't be a cliché. It will be awesome.

The doctor measured everything and said even though the standard wheel had set my due date for June 30th, he would set it at June 28th based on how the baby was measuring.  The size looked on point, and the heart rate was great. He moved some stuff around and showed me other fun things, like how I had ovulated from my right side, the yolk sac, all sorts of things. Then he took pictures of the "peanut", as he called it, and printed them out for us to take home.

I will try and scan them tonight to stick them up here for completeness, but let me just tell you my favorite part of that day and experience was after the doctor and nurse left the husband and I alone in there, and we got to spend some precious moments together. It was awesome. I know I keep saying that, but it just really was.

We had some boring follow up stuff afterwards and blood drawing, none of which really registered after such an exciting moment right before. Also, I am still a little worried about miscarriage until I hit 12 weeks (in a month!) and other things of course that could go wrong, but overall I am so relieved and feel so blessed that everything has worked out so far...........and I will blog about all of that later, but for now I leave you with this:

Marriage is awesome, babies are awesome and moments with your spouse and babies together, are even awesomer.

We had a great day.

8 weeks and 1 day along


  1. yay!!what a beautiful post! and i feel like i am pretending to be a grown up all the time. like maybe i am just babysitting. forever. ami really old enough to have kids?! and then today i almost threw up because i realized i am about to turn 27. how did THAT happen?!

  2. Blog stalker here again, we feel the same way ie. the pretend adult thing!

    Courtney did they give you your 8 week ultrasound vaginally? That's how mine was. Also I'm glad someone else cares about what side they ovulated from (leftie here)! Our ultrasound experience was more stressful than yours but still ended with the same great results. : )