Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lies, lies, lies

We have had to lie our butts off to friends and family this weekend! And with Thanksgiving this Thursday we will only be lying some more.

The hubs and I attended my awesome sister-in-law's engagement party this weekend. We had so much fun, and managed to hide the fact that I wasn't really drinking from everyone.

How you ask? Here's how.

During the champagne toast we stood to the back. During toasts I held the glass to my lips and pretended to drink. The hubs would actually drink. Then we would swap glasses. So, both of our glasses steadily decreased in that bubbly-nectar-from-the-gods-that-i-miss-so-much and no one was the wiser. Yay us!

Our plan is the same for wine on Thursday...much easier since we can strategically leave glasses and pick them up instead of trading back and forth in our hands.

(We are so sneaky! Yesssss! I love us!)

Also, super funny moment. SIL was chatting with me and a mutual friend who is also trying right now (crossing my fingers for them SO hard) and she mentioned that she didn't think either of us would be able to hide it very well if we were pregnant and keeping it from everyone. Hahahaha. On the outside I soberly nodded, but on the inside I was cracking up.

and trying REALLY hard not to just blurt it out right then. BUT, I didn't.

a. it was her night and I am NOT trying to take away from that. Shine on SIL, shine on.
b. we made a pact not to tell the fam until we could tell all the fams in person.
c. there is no c. those were the reasons I held onto with all my might instead of blurting it all out there with so many friends and family that we loved in that very room. GAH, so hard.

I cannot wait until we hit that next appointment at 12 weeks and everything is fine and we can share our news with the WORLD.

8 weeks, 3 days along.

...and it is KILLING me not to shout this from the rooftops.


  1. Oh jesus. If I had to hold it in that long I would have developed an ulcer. Obviously you know this because I Facebook'ed you. : ) Thankfully all our family lives in town. Megan was first obviously, then we knocked parents out in one afternoon in week 4, then told close local friends after that (while I was still worried about miscarrying of course I only told people who I would need to support us if something bad happened, also people would have seen pregnancy books lying around my house, and I needed to talk to some local mama's for resources like midwives etc). I also told my boss at 4 weeks because again, ulcers sitting in the same room with her all day and not telling! We told extended family after 12 weeks and then just at 20 weeks I made my over due Facebook announcement.

  2. Too funny! I'm so glad you were able to tell your family and all of us in your perfect time and place! So excited for you guys!