Thursday, November 11, 2010

A week to go...

Until our first OB appointment, that is. I am so excited. I just want to know that everything is okay and what is going on in there is all totally normal. I am nervous, of course, but trying to relax and not be "Control Freak Courtney" (The husband has a tendency to give me Barbie-type names for different events in my life, i.e. "College Haircut Courtney"...)

I have been still feeling pretty continually nauseous, though I haven't actually thrown up yet. Score one for me!

The "girls" are getting a little bigger, which is weird-o for me. I have been holding it down at a solid B cup for pretty much my whole adult life, so yeah. All of a sudden some of my work shirts border on inappropriate. Awesome!

In other news, my clothes don't fit around my middle and I feel like a hippo. No one knows that I am knocked up, so I am sure they all just think I am putting on the pounds, double awesome! I advise my local collegiate sorority chapter, and I had to be in business attire last night with them. A skirt from one of my skirt suits, that fit perfectly the last time I wore it two months ago, looked like the seams were about to burst last night. SUPER appropriate "Advisor Courtney".

As soon as I get the a-ok (crossing my fingers for luck) from the doctor, that everything is going well...I may just go start investing in some maternity pants. My summer dresses are all getting pulled out for work and being paired with leggings, tights and cardigans to help make them more appropriate for the office. This can only work for so long.

It's hard to think that this little thing, the size of a blueberry, is causing my life to be so different already. I know, I know, and we are only just getting started.

7 weeks along

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