Friday, November 26, 2010


Oy. Well, our wine plan didn't work out as well as we hoped. Unfortunately, Baby Daddy had to go to the ship to check on his sailors and make sure their Thanksgiving dinner was going well, etc. Which is really actually great (that we make sure to do that for our sailors, and he got to see them all and wish a Happy Turkey Day), but was unfortunate for us because as soon as he left the wine started flowing.

I held that glass of wine, and pretended to sip it for an hour and a half y'all. Lol. How obvious can I be? I still think no one really thinks it is happening. So, we may still be safe, though we may have planted a seed.

Also, how hard is it to go around the table and to say what you are thankful for and not say the most important thing that we are thankful for??? So hard.

Oh! and Thanksgiving was exactly 9 weeks, so we snapped a photo.

Clearly I am sticking it out a little bit here, but there is definitely something growing...

9 weeks 1 day

...and I really am thankful for all the nausea and fatigue.

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