Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After all these years of wishing and hoping, I finally have a superpower!

Super Smell. 

It may not be the flying or invisibility I thought I wanted, but it is here.

Yesterday, when leaving work, I all of a sudden smelled cigarette smoke. Like someone was sitting in the car, blowing it in my face. So strong.

I looked and looked and looked around, and there, there it was. 5 cars in front of me and one lane over to the right, someone had their window cracked with a little ember glowing.

"Are you kidding me?" actually came out loud out of my mouth. To no one in particular. (Sometimes I talk to myself. It is totally normal.)

This whole pregnancy thing is wacky. I alternate between super smell and a stuffy nose every day. Stuffy nose, apparently another common symptom among preggys.

9 weeks, 5 days along

...and you can call me "The Nose" ...wait, don't. Ever.


  1. My super smell was so bad when I was nauseous. Poor Jim wasn't allowed to make coffee in the house, if he cooked ANYTHING, like even just microwaved something, I had to have him open all the windows and turn on the fans. This went on into November, in Illinois folks. We used Febreeze for awhile, then that bothered me. I couldn't open the fridge. Like literally, I probably opened the fridge maybe 5 times in ten weeks. No joke. He had to get me everything. If he wasn't going to be home at a meal time I had to go get something. And sometimes I would have to sit outside or go somewhere while he cooked or while I ate because I couldn't stand our normal house smells mixing with the food smells while I was eating. I ate Noodles and Co. in my winter coat on my front porch once when the temps were in the 40s, just crying a little. 10 weeks of sickness will do that to you. We went out to eat mostly because A) I didn't have to smell/watch the food being cooked (food visuals where a problem too. I once saw a can of vegetarian chili in our pantry and puked. Sometimes just thinking about canned food made me feel really sick. I also only went to the grocery maybe 1-2 because of this.) B) Throwing up at home (and all over/around my home! oh joy!) had become a common occurrence. Throwing up at restaurants was something I never did, so it was kind of a mental helper. Out of sight, out of mind kind of thing.

  2. Also forgot to add that I've had the stuffy nose problem too, and my midwife suggested getting a humidifier for the bedroom since I'm especially congested when I wake up in the morning. It has helped with that, and the gross chapped lips feeling that comes with not being able to breath well through your nose at night.