Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saying goodbye...

...to my clothes.

I am a few days from 8 weeks and again, my clothes are all getting ridiculously tight.

No worries, I brought photographic proof.

a. This skirt fit, and the hem was a little longer, just two months ago. Now that I have to hitch it up higher to fasten, it is going to the back of the closet into the "I hope I can fit into this again someday section" le sigh. I am a dreamer.

b. I convinced myself I looked totally normal and awesome in this skirt when looking at me from the front. Then I caught this side view. It was too late to change and make it to work on time, so I went with it...and regretted it halfway through the day.

What the heck. Cute shoes though, right?

Oh, also, I gave in and bought a BeBand from Target, so this is the skirt only hooked with a BeBand and not zipped. Are you serious?

7 weeks, 5 days

1 comment:

  1. Girl you got pregnant quickly!! I would have taken that over all my barfing and smell aversion. At least it would have given people a noticeable reason why I looked and felt like death 24/7.