Monday, July 16, 2012

10 weeks

Alrighty, it's 10 weeks...and you know what that means. Time for the symptom round ups to begin.

Here are the categories this time around:

Not as bad as it has been. Let's hope that this trend continues. I have gagged a few times when brushing my teeth (surprise surprise after last time around, right?). Tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment and am a little worried about keeping my mouth open for that whole time and having someone digging in my mouth and not throwing up all over them. How embarrassing would that be?
Not as bad as when I was pregnant with Ev. Mostly I just look freaking exhausted.

I have gained at least five pounds as of my appointment last Wednesday. I haven't started wearing anything maternity yet, even though at this point with Ev I was WAY into Belly Bands and such. It probably helps that a. it is summer and b. I am not wearing work clothes every day. Holy belly though, it is super weird that I, pregnant. Well, with my clothes off where I can only see it. Weight gain all in the belly and higher up than if I were just gaining weight...if that makes sense.

Making eggs for my little bug in the mornings are sometimes a struggle. Let alone eating them. As with my last pregnancy I could exist on Mexican and sushi alone. Yet, today I noticed for the first time in the last few weeks - I am HUNGRY. Like, starving. Every morning for the past few weeks I have had the same thing for breakfast - whole wheat english muffin, turkey sausage patty, cheddar cheese. This morning - I had two. HUNGRY.

Periodic stretching and moving pains. You know. The uze.

Not too bad yet, mainly because I am so freaking exhausted. Running around after a one year old, while ten weeks pregnant, sigh. Tired. 

With weird random peaks of energy here and there? Weird.

Twice so far. Lord help me. This is the one singular symptom that I am looking the least forward to returning.

The Girls
Not as sore as I would have anticipated. Is that weird? I mean, a. they haven't started getting bigger yet (which is weird for me, because I won't lie, I was sort of looking forward to the return of pregnancy boobs. and b. they are slightly tender, but hello - breastfeeding a one year old with six teeth. Whole bother post about breastfeeding/weaning/pregnancy coming some other time.

Fetal Movement
Nothing yet, of course. Though I have felt these little popping feelings a few times in the last few days that remind me of how fetal movement eventually felt...but Little Bump is only like just under two inches at this point, so yeah, shouldn't be able to feel anything. Duh. Trippy though.

None, yay! I am hopeful for now that I will see only a little bit of swelling since the height of pregnancy will come in the winter.

New this time around
Overall, I feel a lot of the same symptoms, but...less? None of the symptoms are quite as intense as I thought they were last time. Does this mean I was a bigger complainer last time? I don't think so. I think it was also seasonal. When I was exhausted with Ev, it didn't help that I left for work when it was dark out and came home when it was dark. Boo to winter.

Oh yeah, this again.
Tired, know. Oh, and emotions. MOOD SWINGS ARE SO COOL. And they never make you fight with your husband unnecessarily. Or take things too personally. Or make you cry within the first ten minutes of the movie Cheaper by the Dozen when it randomly comes on HBO in the middle of the day. Right.

Mental State
Pretty much still in shock. I have happy moments and moments of pure and utter disbelief. I have been honest with family members who know about the fact that I wasn't quite ready to give my body back over to pregnancy diet and rules...and heartburn. But, I am still excited. And still in shock. I can't conceptualize having two kiddos running around. But, at this point while pregnant with Ev, I couldn't picture a one year old who I would love so much - I could barely even picture a newborn baby depending on me. So, it will come.

10 weeks, last go round

Evelyn Rae is one year old, and I am 10 weeks along with Peanut

...and Husband insists on referring to baby as "Peanut" until we come up with something different. Hrm.

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