Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby Swap

Last night, we finally saw The Dark Knight Rises, thanks to our long discussed and finally realized baby swap plans with our friends.

Yup, that's right - baby swap. We dropped Ev with our friends last night, and sometime in the next week or so, we will grab their kids so they can do the same.

Everyone should do this!

If you have friends who are interested, that is.

We have talked about baby swapping for so long, but we kept wavering about it because when we do get a night out away from the kiddos, we don't want them all to be just date nights with our spouses. Sometimes we would like to see our friends as well, the very friends who are willing to swap.

But, when your friends are your babysitters...well...right...doesn't work.

Finally, we realized that we can do both.

So, if you want to try this out too, my advice is this - baby swap with your friends if they are:

  1. Friends who are really, really interested
  2. Friends you can trust to be fair and not take advantage (duh)
  3. Friends you can be super honest with and again (duh) trust with your kids
  4. Friends you will STILL hang out with other than hellos and goodbyes as you are dropping off your kids! You don't want to ruin a friendship for the sake of childcare
Luckily, we have lots of friends around these parts that we have known for forever, so we are really happy that we have finally realized this genius plan while we can. 

Who knows if this will work at our next duty station.

Evelyn Rae is one year old

...and you should try it if you can!

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