Thursday, July 12, 2012

Apologies, Apologies

The last few weeks have been a WHIRLWIND, my friends.

From the Outer Banks of North Carolina to drop off Ev, to Louisville Kentucky to get back into the swing of all things sorority, back to the OBX to pick up Ev, home for a day, then up to Wisconsin, then to my family's cabin, then back to my parent's house and finally back home Tuesday night.


And then yesterday was Ev's birthday.

And Friday is her one year well baby visit.

And Saturday is her party.

And my cell phone will now only charge when held at a certain angle.

And I am a maniac.

Sigh. At least I am unpacked?

I have a bunch of updates that will randomly get thrown up here as I can - you know like Ev's 11 month update? Ahem, just a tad late.

ANYWHO. I am crazy and life is crazy, but it will all be caught up once Sunday rolls around.

Let's pray.

Evelyn is one year old

...and I think I may be stealing husband's phone upgrade since his comes up first. I deserve it right?

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