Sunday, July 22, 2012

11 weeks

Ugh. WHY did I tempt the fates and insist I felt so much better this time around?! This week has been awful. Still no puking, but much laying on the couch from about 5-7 every day going "uggggggggh."

Hello, my name is Courtney and I am not 16 and pregnant, so why does my face seem to think we are all of a sudden. Boo. 4 "blemishes" on my chin alone. Bah humbug.

Gaining weight, still wearing regular clothes - I need to convince husband to snap a pic so I can compare to this time last time. Granted, I was able to hide it from everyone for a long time last time, so mayhap I look the same?

Ugh, Nausea = food sounds awful. Except when not nauseous and food sounds WONDERFUL. Meh.

More of the same. Periodic stretching and moving pains.

I need more.sleep. I don't think I felt this tired when Ev was like a little newborn waking up every three hours. Now I just want to beg her for more time in the mornings. Poor baby. She wants to play and I want to SLEEP.

Bought Tums. Used them once so far. SIGH.

The Girls
Still not that sore. *Knock on wood* Also, not really increasing in size the way they did last time? Maybe that comes later?

Fetal Movement
Nope, not yet. I think I will omit this category until I feel something. 

None, yay! Also - getting rid of this category until needed. Hopefully never.

New this time around
When I am feeling my worst, usually from 5-7pm or so, I am not coming home from work this time and flinging myself on the couch all dramatic like. Instead, A is coming home from work and I am handing him Ev all dramatic like. He is taking good care of me though, last night he actually cooked dinner. With no instruction. And it was edible! Yay husband.

Oh yeah, this again.
EMOTIONS. I just cried like a baby yesterday because I randomly caught the last 5 minutes of an old Friends episode where Ross finds out he's having a boy. Geeze Louise. 

Mental State
Doing ok. Slowly recovering from the shock of such an unanticipated transition. See here's the thing about transitions, thanks to my transition theory knowledge via grad school, you develop coping mechanisms for transitions by going through them in your life. You naturally pick things up along the way. 

I am a PRO at dealing with anticipated transitions. Things you know are coming - hello military life, amiright? But, unanticipated transitions? Welp, they throw me for a loop. See, just about everything in my life to this point has gone according to plan (with a few exceptions, you know like moving our wedding at the last minute and stuff like that). That makes me sound like such a SNOT, but it's sort of true. Soooo, I don't really have a whole lot of coping mechanisms in my arsenal for them. BUT, I am learning, and also wavering between hella excited and HOLY SHIZZ we are having another kid.

Evelyn Rae is one year old, and I am 11 weeks along with poor baby who still has no nickname

...and how do you tell your one year old they are going to be a big sister? Anyone?

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