Sunday, July 29, 2012

12 weeks

Boo. Feeling like you have the flu everyday for a couple of hours is obnoxious. Thankfully, my husband is awesome and has really been hanging tough when he gets home. 

Awful. Where's my glow, dammit? When did it happen last time? I have to go back and look. I remember having AWESOME skin and hair when pregnant, and this is not.the.same. 

I think doing pretty well, still smallish and able to wear non maternity clothes, buttoned and zipped and everything! Woot woot!

Mexican and sushi. Just like last time. Though I don't have crazy cravings for tortilla chips...instead it seems a it more like a bite of ice cream or something sweet, but just a bite and i am satisfied. Which is also weird, because one time I ate an entire 9x13 yellow cake with chocolate frosting by myself, in two days. It might have had something to do with the fact my boyfriend had just left for OCS and I am a stress eater. Maybe.

More of the same. Periodic stretching and moving pains.

Sleep. I need it. The Olympics are NOT helping things. 

Not too bad so far...KNOCK ON WOOD

The Girls
Not that sore. Weird. Also, not getting bigger which is totally lame. When this belly finally pops, I am going to need bigger boobs to look proportional for at least a while.

New this time around
Feelings of lightheadedness. It has happened twice so far, which is weird because I don't really remember that as a symptom with Ev.

Oh yeah, this again.
Gagging when brushing my teeth. The miracle of growing life, people. THE MIRACLE.

Mental State
I think I am starting to be in a bit of denial. It is weird because the husband and I are in a bit of a holding pattern with a bunch of different things in life, so we are just hanging and not able to really plan or react or be proactive...which does not generally sit well with people like us.

Evelyn Rae is one year old, and I am 12 weeks along with Ferris 

... and is that a ridiculous nickname for an in utero baby? I kinda like it. Ferris wheel being the big reveal spot and all. Hrm. 

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