Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why, friends, why?

Why must I tempt fate by writing about my lack of pregnancy symptoms in comparison to my last pregnancy? WHY?

Hubris, that's why.

Will I never learn?

The last few days have.been.miserable.

It is as if all of my lack of pregnancy symptoms that could have been spread over the last 11 weeks have gone ahead and compounded into the last 72 hours or so. My hormones are all, "HA! You thought you were on the downhill slope toward twelve weeks and happy go lucky fun second trimester? Just the calm before the storm, sister."

As I write this, I am awake next to my snoring and sleeping peacefully husband, with a pounding headache, nausea and heartburn. Insomnia AND feeling kicked by some wacko flu illness?

Oh, and I will probably have to get up to pee again here in a minute.

I mean...

Let me reframe.

Thank God for my husband. He has literally taken over the house the last few days are coming home from work. He has cooked dinner the last three nights whilst I lay on the couch under a blanket trying not to throw up all over the place from the hours of 4-9 pm. He didn't even blink when I, no joke, RAN from the kitchen last night to avoid the smell of grilled chicken.

He has also done bedtime for Ev for the last three nights.

Bless that man.

It is just so.weird. To feel fine and dandy all day and then just BOOM, on the couch, blanket, wanting my Mommy, watching awful summer TV, blah-ness.

Dear second trimester, I am eagerly anticipating your arrival. Like, very eagerly.

Evelyn Rae is twelve months old and I am 11 weeks and 5 days along with my newest little miracle

...and Miss or Mister Miracle and I had a good long talk earlier today about helping Mommy feel better in the next few days.

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