Saturday, January 26, 2013

37 Weeks

Tight, and new stretch marks are officially here. They aren't nearly as big or as red as they were with evelyn at this point, so, hurray for that? Guess I will go stock back up on some Mederma again for postpartum care.

Measuring "perfect", staying under weight than where I was with Evelyn. We shall see how this goes. I am getting pretty sick of winter clothes, which I always do around this time of year anyway, so "Bring on Spring"!

You know, food is...necessary? I just totally forgot how unappetizing food is most of the time during this stage of pregnancy. Blech, It just fills me up in 5 seconds anyways an drakes me feel gross. 

Definitely still having little "practice" contractions. Also, sciatic pain. Boo. Hiss.

Sleeping pretty well thankfully, and by "pretty well" I mean a sort of restful waking up every hour or so kind of sleeping. I can't wait for "Baby has been sleeping through the night for a few months and oh yeah my body still knows how to really go into a deep sleep" kind of sleep. You know, in like 8 months or so.

Better this week? Maybe? Ugh. Ready for that to be GONE.

Fetal Movement
Big rolling twisting motions. They sometimes stop me in my tracks because there is a foot in my ribcage and ohmygoshsuddenlyicantbreathe and then, you know, I am fine two seconds later.

The Girls
Bigger. Seem to finally be filling up. Firmer, etc.

New this time around
Um, slowly starting to freak out about my complete and utter LACK of preparation. Last time there were classes, and books, and contemplation, and cuddles on the couch with my husband talking meaningfully about how this baby was going to impact our lives in every which way. This time? Ummm, I have a toddler. That is all.

Oh yeah, this again.
Reading Ina May again. See above. Making me feel better about that.

Mental State
Rotating between freaking the hell out and feeling fine. 

Evelyn Rae is 18 months old, I am 37 weeks pregnant with Bump

...and this outfit and no pictures including Ev are brought to you by kind grandparents who were watching her for the night so we could go have a much needed fun dinner out with friends. 

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