Friday, January 25, 2013


My beloved husband had the day off of work today, thanks to some mandated recover time from his accident yesterday. He is totally fine, but stiff and sore as the woman who plowed into him (while he was at a DEAD STOP) was going about 30mph.

Anyway, he went to get checked out yesterday, got some good muscle relaxers from the doc and got the car checked out this morning - not totaled! Yay! 

(one of those situations where the car isn't valued at a lot, but it is worth a lot to us because it is PAID OFF, yo! So, we were kind of scared. Plus, I love my little first car.)


Speaking of being stiff and sore, we have both been stiff and sore and generally feeling it from all of our crawling all over, bending, squatting, etc due to our home projects. 

The difference is - now he has some good drugs and I don't. Boo. 

I kid, I kid. Kind of.

Additionally, I am feeling a bit sore this morning from something else.

...No, not having a baby, or contractions or any other thing your dirty mind may have gone to...

Last night, Ev woke up in the middle of the night. She has been back to her normal sleeping all through the night, no problem, schedule for a while now, so to be honest I thought it was just really early morning - like 6 or so. 

When her little voice came over the monitor, I blearily told A to just grab her and bring her in to cuddle with us for a little bit.

Turns out, it was actually 3:30 am.

Annnnnd, we spent the rest of the night like this -

Ahhh, the joys of parenting.

At least everyone else woke up well rested this morning, right?

Evelyn Rae is 18 months old, I am 37 weeks along with Bump

...and apparently we are expecting snow this weekend. HURRAY! If it's going to be this damn cold, I at least want some pretty snow.

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  1. Add a dog where the baby's space is and minus the belly space--our bed looks pretty much the same! :-)