Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snooze Button.

Friends. Friends.

Where the heck have I been?

Sleeping. That's where.

Seriously. This week has kicked my but and it's only Wednesday! We have so much to do, but every time I sit down I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

Of course it doesn't help that Ev has developed her first real pattern of night time wake ups since she was 7.weeks.old. And of course, only Momma will do to snuggle her back to sleep. Oh, separation anxiety and canines. (Will you just come in already?!)

I have these weird little bursts of energy where I get a project started and then BAM. It's like narcolepsy. Immediately wiped.

I just don't remember being this tired with Ev. Was I? I don't think so. I don't think I was even this tired when she was a newborn, y'all. It's almost comical. I am hoping this is a phase? please dear Lord, let it be a phase.

Sidenote: Apparently this is totes normal.

My poor big girl has been getting a LOT more screen time than normal in the meantime. Which she would probably tell you is awesome, if she could say awesome. Instead she just finds the remote and
 brings it to me, excitedly saying "ick! Ick!" Which, in Ev speak means, "dude! You are sitting on the couch again! MICKEY TIME!"

So yeah. When she naps today I am hoping to at least share some photos with y'all of my most favorite Christmas moments. Because yeah, haven't even gotten there yet. But as I mentioned in my resolutions, trying not to feel guilty about it.

My big goal for the day is to get out and enjoy the 64* weather today with a walk for the Bug and I. We will see if it happens.

Evelyn Rae is seventeen months old, I am 35 weeks along with Baby Bump

...and at least my girl is in the mood to snuggle with her sleepy Momma.

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