Friday, January 11, 2013

35 weeks

As I mentioned in my There to Here post, this outfit is OBVIOUSLY the height of fashion, and hey! look! those work shoes are back! This outfit = how you know this is my real life. 

Officially rocking a SAHM uniform while hitting the playground. It only took 18 months.

Good. Actually. My legs are still sensitive, and I keep forgetting to buy Cetophil to try that Pioneer Woman solution out when I am running errands. Putting it on my list

Wowza friends. Back is starting to hurt, etc. Carrying around an extremely clingy Evelyn Rae as well as this baby is putting some strain on Momma's feet and joints in general. On the upside Evelyn LOVES how much I am letting her climb the stairs on her own these days! 

Like, with me right behind her, etc. 

She is actually really proficient and has been forever, but our stairs are steep and narrow and made of 100 year old hard wood, so I get MOMMY VISIONS and am super protective of her on them. Sue me.

I want all my favorite foods from restaurants this week, thanks. Also, I would maybe consider committing a heinous crime if I could be assured that it was safe to eat some spicy salmon rolls. SUSHI! We will soon be reunited.

Joints are sore, etc. All the normal, to be expected stuff. Also, I have been working super hard with the husband on house projects and stuff, so that could be attributing to a lot of it.

More of the same. There are too many people in my bed taking up room. By people I mean, my husband and my dog and this in utero baby. No space left for Momma. Plus, as I mentioned earlier this week...I AM SO LE TIRED.

...I don't even want to...

Fetal Movement
So fun. Ev has been wanting to snuggle in between my legs in the morning and use my belly as a pillow, which is admittedly adorable, but it is really hilarious when she gets kicked, and turns around to look at me like, "Momma. WTH."

The Girls
Have finally stopped itching! Huzzah!

New this time around
Have I mentioned my lack of awesome pregnancy hair yet? Seriously. So lame. i was looking forward to that lush, full silky feeling without me having to try. And yet, here we are with split ends and damage. Like the worst state my hair has EVER been in. Ever.


Someone send a stylist. STAT.

Oh yeah, this again.
The ENDLESS comments in public as you approach your due date. "Boy, bet you are getting uncomfortable!" "Bet you are counting the days!" "At least it's not the summer! My pregnancies were all summer babies and I was MISERABLE."

Kill me now. I just smile and nod and move on. People. Oy.

Mental State
This weekend is set aside for MAJOR house project progress and I am hoping we make it. A and I have gotten on the same team again lately in regards to to-do lists and outs project loads and we are going to rock this out. So, right now I am totally confident in us working together to get everything tackled before Bump makes his or her appearance.

Which I am totally stoked for, btw.

35 weeks, last go round.

(This is her [begrudging] "Cheese" face - "Chez") 

And her new favorite - scrunchy face.

Evelyn Rae is 18 months old! Today! I am 35 weeks along with Bump

...and today, thanks again to unseasonably warm weather, just like yesterday, we hit the park. My girl loves it, and I love to make her happy.

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