Thursday, January 3, 2013

34 weeks

This week's photo series brought to you by my new 50 mm lens and remote control for my camera (both Christmas presents from my hubby...also, still working out the kinks. Ha.)

*Also, please not the REALNESS of this week's series. Toys everywhere, tree still up. Oh, Christmas, you have DESTROYED me this year.*

Getting tighter, that's for sure. My old stretch marks are starting to be more evident, though still no new ones...knock on wood. BIO OIL. It is currently bing consumed at alarming rates since I am putting it all over my body and am now obsessed with it.

Feeling good. I am still about 10 pounds lighter than I was at 32 weeks with Evelyn. Considering I started out heavier, since I never got the chance to STOP breastfeeding before getting pregnant to shed those last couple of lbs. before getting knocked up *this* go round, I am pretty darn shocked by that.

Also, clothes. Meh. I am getting tired of them.

Sidenote: when I was a little girl, I dreamed of someday being a cute pregnant lady, like one I knew, who wore jean overalls and white Keds. I thought she was the COOLEST. Well, since then, I have bought these white Ked-like shoes and RUINED them by trying to wash them and keep them clean, so they are now my "work" shoes for projects around the house, etc. Since we are doing NOTHING BUT PROJECT-ING over here - here they are! Dreams come true.

I like cheese. Bring on the Gruyere. And no other food please. Kthanks.

Oy. This baby is stretching out all. the. time. There is a thing called the "fetal position" baby. Get on that. Between rib popping and hip popping pain - at the same time mind you, I am wondering just how big this baby is going to be. Granted there isn't as much room in there as there was last go round, but still. Come on baby! Curl up and like to be swaddled and cuddled when you come out. 

Welp, I know this happens for other women much sooner, but for the first time since the first trimester, this week I had to wake up to pee. Straight up, middle of the night, had to go. So weird for me, woman with the bladder of steel, and though I know I am getting off light here, I was still annoyed. So, there you go.

Keeping me up late. And I am so tired and exhausted. And then I can't sleep. Ugh. Vicious cycle.

Fetal Movement
Baby is SUPER moving and shaking. A friend the other day asked me if I was moving my stomach or if that was the baby...and I hadn't even noticed that baby was moving, because I am just so accustomed to these crazy belly swaying movements this go round.

The Girls
Bigger. Like, than before. But I don't think as big as they were at the end with Ev yet.

New this time around
Not taking any birthing classes or being obsessed with birth stories...till now. Weird. I am pulling Ina May back out to refresh my mind and put myself in a place of peace. Plus, I have been amping up the birth story reading again as of late. Starting with my own, of course.

Oh yeah, this again.
The sleeping. The discomfort and trying to get comfortable only to be awoken by a dog or husband taking up my space, or breathing the wrong way in my direction, or suddenly being burning up hot or freezing cold. Ugh. SLEEP. I need you.

Mental State
Seriously y'all. Christmas destroyed me. I am so overwhelmed with where all this stuff is going to go and how we are going to get all of our lists done and checked off before this baby gets here. My worry face has been put on. But, I set some seriously good resolutions this year and I am just hoping to stick to them, and to choose to be happy, even in these hard moments.

It doesn't help that Ev has not been her normal, happy go lucky little self as of late. She is moody and irritable and I wonder if she senses something is coming. We talk about it, of course, but I know she's too little to really "get it". Alas, we shall persevere and in a few short weeks she will have a new best friend! 

34 weeks, last go round.

Evelyn Rae is 17 months old, I am 34 weeks along with Bump

...and here is a shot I couldn't resist sharing from trying to set up my new camera situation

...also. Girlfriend has more clothes than I do, so how I managed to repeat an outfit for her on this series is blowing my mind.

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