Monday, January 14, 2013


Thanks to my absence from well, everything else in life, over the last week or so, we have finally broken through some mental blocks and made some progress with all of our house projects.

No, not the bathroom Reno, which for our own sanity and my desire to have a few weeks of pure peace in our lives before this baby arrives, we have pushed back. For now. Till like March or so. Maybe.

Hubs has been working away on our new closet and because our house is so old and God knows what is in there, I have been little help to him, as neither of us wants to expose Bump to anything unnecessarily harmful. However, I have gotten to help in the last little bit of projecting and planning which has made things go much faster.

In the past weekend we finished building the door for the closet - almost from scratch, due to the fact our closets are built into the eaves and the doors into them are only about 5 feet tall or so. Weird? Yes. Especially since they could be higher if they went right to the ceiling and didn't have the large moulding surrounds that everything else in our house has. BUT, since we are not ready to replace all the doors and cut new openings in all the plaster walls, and build more custom door jams - we just matched this new ONE to the four existing ones,

Anyway...we finished the door, even retro fitting it with antique hardware to match the other doors (I got to do the fun digging at a little store less than a mile from our house - I could legit spend days in there looking for stuff, and have many more ideas that y'all will see on future projects. Promise you that.), we also built the molding surrounds, which also needed to be "custom" to match the others. We got our trim all touched up, primed and painted and primed and painted the room itself along with all the doors and windows. Plus we finally put all of our Christmas stuff away which is awesome, I love Christmas and all, but felt like the house was closing in on me with all that extra stuff around!


Getting all this stuff done with an 18 month old running around and your only helper being a 36 week pregnant wife was no easy endeavor for my husband, believe you me, but we had the GREAT form of help this weekend in that my MIL volunteered to take Evelyn for the night on Saturday. That was
SUCH a help, I'm not sure you could even understand how much more we accomplished that day.

Whew. In any case we are shooting to move our furniture into the new room, after touch ups and things, this week. Pics to come! I have made some progress on Ev's big girl room, but will really be able to get rolling now that our stuff will be out of this room.

And, I feel so good about this y'all. Like, I can finally get to the point of having my home, mind and heart ready for this baby. My physical space has such an aspect on my mental space, and I finally feel like we are getting there. Huzzah!

Also, news break, apparently all of this is totes normal.

I'm just a week early.

Evelyn Rae is 18 months old, I am 36 weeks along with Baby Bump

...and I officially start my weekly appointments at the midwifery THIS WEEK.

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