Friday, January 18, 2013

36 weeks

Ugh. We officially have new stretch marks. I think. They could just be old ones that look a little more purplish now than they did a week ago. Still. BOOOO.

Still feeling pretty good, still under where I was at 31 weeks with Ev. Midwives say I am measuring great and look adorable, so, yay for me!

eh. Food. Blech. My stomach is too small to stomach anything of substance.

Hello false labor contractions! I have been getting them for a while, but they are def getting more normal - which apparently is totally "Yup, normal" with second babies. COOL. who knew? Not me. Anyways, they hit me at night and sometimes in the afternoon, but then generally go away - obviously, or I would have a babe in arms by now ;)

Ugh. Lightly. Everyone keeps waking Momma up. Plus, it is freaking cold and stuff at night. But then I put on more clothes and it is HOT. Oy. Can't wait for those breastfeeding sweats! Ha. Fun times.


Fetal Movement
Slowing down a bit this week. Probably running out of room. Some people think this is an indication of labor starting soon, but Imma need a week or two more, ok Baby Bump?

The Girls
More of the same.

New this time around
It's getting pretty hard to pick my baby girl up. Sad faces.
Oh yeah, this again.
NESTING! I mean, I nested already a bit, but the other night I started stripping some peeling caulk away as I bathed Ev. So then it ALL NEEDED TO COME OUT RIGHT NOW. Yeah, fun times.

Mental State
Feeling better as we have hit some of our house projects out of the park. Preparations are in full swing folks!

Evelyn Rae is 18 months old, I am 36 weeks along with Bump

...and some outtakes courtesy of Daddy.

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